How To Raise Camponotus – A Complete Guide

Overview Camponotus is one of the most widespread genera of ants in the entire world, they span every continent (except Antarctica) and have taken up a variety of different shapes and sizes. Most ant keepers must have come in contact with this these large and complex ants at some point.  The genus Camponotus has overContinue reading “How To Raise Camponotus – A Complete Guide”

Dorymyrmex bureni (aka) The Pyramid Ant or Cone Ant Care Sheet

I have put together a care sheet regarding the ant species known as Dorymyrmex bureni (aka) The Pyramid Ant or Cone Ant. I found this species fascinating and admire the beautiful orange coloration of the workers. This care sheet contains information from personal experience and notes, as well as research from the University of Florida Entomology Dept.

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