How Ant Essentials Began

As with many of us within the hobby, it all started with test tubes. Ordering about twenty and equipped with the knowledge I had gained from watching hours of Ants Canada videos I was waiting in anticipation for the famous nuptial flights, only a few months away.

The time came when the garden was carpeted with queen ants, all freshly mated from their nuptial flights, ready to found their new colonies. Each mature colony of the species I first caught (Lasius niger) would produce on average one to two hundred alates. Coupling that with the abundance of mature colonies in my area with a kilometre of my family home there would have been thousands of fertile queens.

Nuptial flights past and I was now wondering what to do with the twenty-odd queen ants I had in my possession. Understanding that they wouldn’t need attention until the workers enclosed a few months later. I put them in an empty shoebox under my bed leaving them to relax in the dark while I continued to enjoy the hobby online watching many more hours of video content and reading articles posted on relevant websites in my spare time. 

If this is sounding familiar to anyone I imagine this is the standard way most of the youtube/AntsCanada inspired members of the hobby found their way into ant keeping.

I would personally love to know how you got into ant keeping, let us know at or leave a comment on this post id love to compile an article comparing the ways people found themself keeping the wonder-full animals known as ants!

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