Upload Your Own Care Sheet

Always free to use

Starting with our focus on supplying the ant keeping community with physical goods, colonies, queens and kits. We have transitioned into supplying information to the community. Boosting the growth of the hobby by cutting through the confusion.

Giving you the chance to share your knowledge, no mater your experience

Download and fill out the care sheet template below. Simply email it back to us at info@antessentials.com we will upload it to the database for the the community to use whilst crediting your contribution. Thank you for helping out!

Download the template below

Why submit a care sheet?

We can not do this without you. We want to provide people within the hobby with as much information as they can handle. We want to hear from you. No matter if you have been keeping ants for two weeks or 10 years. You will have picked up on something that someone else might be missing. Let’s come together and help each other get the most out of ant keeping.

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