Plagiolepis pygmaea Care Sheet

A Guide By,  antsknowledge

Photo provided by antsknowledge of Plagiolepis pygmae

Queen Life Span: Unknown
Max Colony Size: 10,000
Sting/Bite: They can spray formic acid but are harmless to humans.
Polygynous: Highly polygynous, colonies can have many queens.

Experience level: Intermediate as they have more requirements towards escape prevention.

Country or region of origin: Much of Europe, North Africa, some southern parts of Africa and western Asia.

Recommended set-up: They can be housed in tubs and tubes, test tubes with arena, acrylic, y-tong and plaster nests though because of their size can easily escape y-tong.

Hydration and Food: They like 50-60% humidity so they don’t like very moist nest and if too moist will often store pupae or even the whole colony in the arena if there are some dry hiding places such as bark or coco coir. They eat a multitude of foods, ranging from sugar water, honey, syrup, mealworms crickets and other feeder insects.

Colony Activity and Cleaning Guidance: They are active ants though shy and slow moving so they don’t escape easily, they will swarm their prey. They’re are not messy at all because of their tiny size so they’ll make little waste consisting only of dead workers and insects carcasses.

Species Information: These ants are some of if not the smallest ants in Europe, with queens ranging from 3-4mm, the workers are a minuscule 1.3-2mm! They like to be kept around 22-26 degrees Celsius during the growing season and 10-15 degrees Celsius during hibernation, cute species and very fast growth, I got a small colony with 13 workers, about half of them escaped because I didn’t think they would escape easily, but now 3 months later they have over a hundred workers, with tons of eggs and a mountain of pupae!

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