Wasmannia auropunctata Care Sheet

A Guide By, ant land

Queen Life Span:

Unknown but apparently only 1 – a few years
Max Colony Size: colony size is theoretically infinite since they produce new queens some colonies reach sizes of a football field or more


They have a stinger and their sting hurts for comparison it’s like getting stung by multiple Myrmica workers that’s why they are also called little fire ant

Polygynous: they are polygynous and can have hundreds/thousands of queens

Experience level:

I recommend them only for experts.

Country Or Region Of Origin:

Their native habitat is South America although they have invaded many other tropical countries (for more information on their range you can visit antmaps.org)

Recommended Set-Up:

I kept them in test tubes and a soil nest in which they do really well they didn’t like acrylic and I don’t have experience with others

Hydration and Food:

They like it slightly moist or high humidity both is ok just make sure they always have access to water. They eat insects and sugar water although they prefer insects over sugars and don’t need much sugar but will take lots of insects. They also enjoy boiled egg yolk but don’t really like the egg white.

Colony Activity and Cleaning Guidance:

Colonies are really active all day long but don’t need lots of space due to their small size. Cleaning is hard and really only possible for bigger pieces since there will always be ants on everything.

Species Information:
-Workers measure around 1mm

-Queens measure around 4-6mm

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