Pheidole megacephala Care Sheet

A Guide By, ant land

Queen Life Span:

Unknown (at least for me).

Max Colony Size:

Colony size is theoretically infinite as they inbreed and produce new
queens that way in nature new queens would go out and Form new colonies but as they born to have this possibility in captivity they will grow huge colonies.


They can bite but it doesn’t hurt very much except maybe big majors but
not dangerous.


They are polygynous and inbreed that’s why they can have hundreds
of queens.

Experience level:

I recommend them only for experienced keepers as they are an invasive
species so you don’t want them to escape.

Country or region of origin:

Their native habitat is Africa but they have spread to many other
parts of the world.

Recommended Set-Up:
I kept them in test tubes and, y-tong, plaster and soil all work well but they prefer soil as pheidole love digging.

Hydration and Food:
They like high humidity. They eat insects and sugar water they don’t drink that much sugar water but they can consume lots of insects so always offer some insects or other protein sources. They also enjoy a boiled egg.

Colony Activity and Cleaning Guidance:
Colonies are really active all day long but don’t need lots of space due to their small size. Cleaning is relatively easy as they put all their garbage in specific areas but especially when they produce alates you will have wings everywhere.

Species Information:
-Workers measure around 2-3mm
-Soldiers measure around 4-5mm
-Queens measure around 6-8mm
-Males measure around 4-5mm

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