Lasius Niger Care Sheet

A Guide By, Ant Essentials 

Queen Life Span:

15 years.

Max Colony Size:

Mature colonies can be tens of thousands strong.


Do have a very weak bite but is nothing to be afraid of.


No, Mulitple queens can all be founded together in some cases but once the workers enclose they will kill off all but one queen who will lead the colony.

Experience level: 

Beginner. Recommended for first-time ant keepers.

Country or region of origin: 

Native to many European and Western Asian countries.

Recommended Set-Up:

These ants are some of the hardiest ants expanding over most of the Eurasian continent. For this reason, they are not too picky when it comes to set up options. These ants will thrive well in a tubs and tubes set up, any form of wet stone setups (Y-Tong, Gypsum and others) and will love a naturalistic setup. They can easily be kept in 3D Printed nests and acrylic nests but prefer the other options above.

Hydration and Food:

Being a very food hungry species they will eat almost every you give to them, they can be commonly found kept in compost piles eating kitchen scraps. For the sake of smell, I wouldn’t recommend feeding them kitchen waste. They will thrive on a diet of sugar/honey water and insects like crickets and cockroaches. Small colonies between with just a few workers will only need a small amount of protein and sugar water, You can always test the waters and overfeed the ants. Next time you go to feed them you can use how much food they ate last time as a point of reference for their next feeding!

Colony Activity and Cleaning Guidance:

These ants are very active for 18 hours out of the day, any nest disturbance and they will rush the entrance. They can be very aggressive and quick moving ants so be careful when handling our feeding your colony. The regulate cleaning principles apply to this colony as discussed in the Ant Keeping Course available below.

Species Information:

Worker Size: 4 mm

Queen Size: 7 mm

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