Messor ebenius Care Sheet

A Guide By, ant land

Queen Life Span:

Unknown (at least for me) but I would assume that she will live 10-20 years because Messor typically live relatively long.

Max Colony Size:

Colonies can grow to a massive size as most Messor species with 10,000 workers at maturity.


They can bite but I can’t say anything on how much it hurts as I haven’t been bitten but I assume especially majors can hurt as they are also capable of cracking hard seeds.


They are monogynous 

Experience level:

I think even beginners could keep them because as most Messor species are really easy but they are also very cool for experienced and expert keepers. 

Country or region of origin:

Their native habitat is North Africa and the Middle East 

Recommended Set-Up:

I keep them in test tubes but Messor species love to dig so they would really benefit from a soil nest. However for Messor species typically every material work when it comes to nest structure. 

Hydration and Food: 

They need a dry and a humid area so they can store seeds in the dry area and brood in the humid area. They eat seeds and will take a lot even small colonies but they also eat lots of insects with around 30w you can feed one small cricket daily. 

Colony Activity and Cleaning Guidance:

Colonies have high activity especially at day and they really like it when you heat the Outworld with light which is probably because they live in really hot climates and forage during the daytime. Cleaning is easy as they leave the food in bigger chunks but they don’t seem to have a special garbage place. 

Species Information :

Workers measure around 6-12mm 

Queens measure around 12-13mm 

The workers have different sizes and shapes as they are polymorphic.

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